• Price: R 877,000.00
  • Engine: 425 hp 4-stroke
  • Year: 2019

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Yamaha 425Hp V8 Motor : R 877,000.00

The wraps are off the new Yamaha XTO Offshore outboard platform. The all-new outboard, rated at 425 HP, features a 5.6-liter V8 powerhead with direct fuel injection. The XTO sets a new benchmark for displacement and power from Yamaha.

The XTO Offshore, which in Yamaha-speak is called the XF425. Note, however, that according to Yamaha the XTO Offshore 425 produces 150 percent more thrust than the F350. This is a new level of performance from Yamaha.

The XTO Offshore is designed with an eye to growing demand for outboard power for the heaviest offshore fishing boats, dayboats and even pontoons—“massive power according to Yamaha. The new XTO platform is designed first and foremost to deliver a mountain of torque that reportedly peaks at 400 ft. lbs. at 4500 rpm. Everything about this motor is robust and heavy-duty to the point of appearing to be over-engineered for current applications. But that’s just Yamaha anticipating the future duty this big outboard could see.

All XTO OS props feature the Yamaha SDS (Shift Damping System) hub. On average, the XTO OS props offer 14 percent more blade area than the Saltwater Series XL props designed for the F350, and 28 percent more area than the Saltwater Series II props designed for the F300 model motor. Yamaha told us that four-blade XTO props will be available in the future.