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From high performance motorcycles to wave slicing watercraft, Yamaha has a long proven history of success. From practical design to definitive performance, Yamaha golf cars are following down the same path. So take a test drive and you too will see how Yamaha is winning customers over all the way from the house to the clubhouse.In the game of golf, the champions are the ones who sweat the small stuff. Nothing is unimportant; everything is worthy of painstaking work. This is Yamaha’s approach to designing the finest golf car.

Deep in the DNA of The DRIVE® is everything we’ve learned from our motorcycles, ATV’s and watercraft, including the ability to build with fewer parts, which leads to lighter weight, which leads to superior hill-climbing ability, a virtually greaseless chassis and the lowest maintenance costs in the industry.

We designed The DRIVE to bring a smile to the owners. Yamaha has the lowest maintenance costs of any fleet in the industry. We guarantee it. (Smiling yet?) How do we do it? The only golf car bumpers rated for 5 mph impacts. And they’re the same height front and rear, to minimize damage in the barn. An automotive style dash that provides your golfers with all the creature comforts and puts everything within easy reach. Thermoplastic olefin body panels that are puncture resistant, cold-weather resistant, and closely color matched to the extra-durable automotive-grade polyurethane paint that goes on them. And on the electric, a motor control unit that moderates speed on downhill stretches and simultaneously recharges the batteries.

If your thinking The DRIVE will revolutionize the industry, your’e right. And we’re thinking your course would be a great place to start.

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